Haul #10 - Boots, Superdrug, Asda & W7 Make Up Haul

Another extremely long title! Anyway, today i am doing a second post and that will be my haul. This is a sort of collective haul. In other words everything i brought wasn't at the same time.
I was going to split this into two hauls but i decided to put them into one. So it will be a big haul!

In Boots i picked up three Barry M nail polishes. I was desparate for the mint green one which is called mint green;) This was £2.99 and there was an offer on and if you brought over £6 of Barry M items you got a free limited edition polish. So i got a textured nail polish called Kingsland Road for £3.99. Then i got this free limited edition one.
I also got a pressed powder as i have run out of my other for £1.99 and a nude Eyeshadow called Sea Shell also for just £1.99.

In Superdrug i have had my eyes on this for ages and i finally brought it! It is a sleek blush by 3 in the shade lace. There is a matt orange, a sparkly pink and a light matt coral. This palette was £9.99.
In a shop in Plymouth I picked up two w7 blushes. The first is a duo with a light pink and coral orange. This was just £1.70 and for the same price this dark pink/red blusher.

Also from the w7 brand i picked up two mascaras. This first one is called LashTastic which is amazing! It literally makes your lashes look false. Also i got this mascara called Eyelust. Although the wand is huge it is actually a very natural mascara! It makes your eyes look very fluttery. Both of the mascaras were just £1.60 so complete bargains!

In claires there was an offer. 3 for £5 so i picked up these 3 necklaces. I already have the necklace in the middle but the feather is ruined, so as i couldn't find anything else i picked this up. I love the one on the far right its a real statement necklace.

In asda there was also an offer. 3 for £2 so i picked up some make up wipes, mini make up wipes and some cotton wool pads. I got some of the larger cotton wool pads instead of the smaller ones as i fancied a change and there are about 100 in this pack.

Also in asda i picked up this L'Oreal skin perfection solution. I have wanted this for ages as it is supposed to be an amazing dupe for bioderma. This was just £2.99. I also got this nivea eye make up remover on sale for £2. I have run out of my Tesco night cream and i fancied a change so i picked this nivea night cream for £2 as well!:)

That's all for my haul today.
This is my 99th post as well!
A surprise post for tomorrow,
Lots of Love,