Haul #7 - Boots, Accessorize & Claires

Today i have another haul, i went shopping a few days ago with my close friend Tasha and we spent some money in a few shops and here is what i brought:)

 First off we went into accessorize, i picked up two items in the sale.
A while ago i wanted to get another notebook, because i clearly do not already have enough.
I saw this one for £7 in another shop and i thought that was slightly pricey.
But i saw this half price for just £3.50 so i had to buy it!

Also in accessorize i had a look in the faulty box. This is a box of products which are broken in any way or just something is missing. I have recently developed a huge obsession with rings and i saw this beautiful one for just £1! It was originally £8 so such a bargain and it only has one tiny stone missing and i don't even notice it, so ya ya:)

We also went into boots. I should be banned from that shop, i spend too much pocket  money in that shop! But i picked up this super size, fat lash mascara from collection. I think it was about £2.99 and i have already used it. I like it, although it's very natural looking.
I also got two nail polishes. Personally i prefer buying two or three cheaper ones than one expensive one. I brought this one from natural collection called 'Antique Coral' and its beautiful!
I also got this pastel blue colour from miss sporty's nail polish range which if you haven't tried is absolutely amazing!
Lastly we went into Claire's. I am not normally a huge fan of this shop, i find some of their stuff slightly tacky. But i read an amazing review on their make up brushes so i went in to get some.
They were just £3 and when i got to the till the lady told me that it was buy 3 things for £5 as long as their marked under £5. So i also got this large collection of necklaces for £2.50.
They were originally £14! I then got this Eyeshadow palette for £4. I'm not  a huge
Eyeshadow lover but hopefully this palette will help me fall in love with them:)
That's all for today,
hope your all enjoying the sunshine:)
Have a great day,
Lots of Love,