How To Style Skater Skirts

A new style of post today, i have wanted to do one of these for ages. I have been inspired by the website look book. Today I am basically going to share with you a few items together and tell you how you can style skater skirts. A few of these skirts do belong to my sister, but i forgot to pack enough to do a post, so i borrowed some of hers:)



 Simple Skirt, Patterned Top

For this first style i have chosen to put a simple skirt, with a busy patterned top. This looks really great as the patterns in the top really stand out as well as the bright skirt. This can also be done with denim skirts or any other simple skirt. This particular top is actually a crop top. Although probably a 3/4 length crop top, which with a skater skirt always looks great.
Top - New Look - £7.50
Skirt - H&M - £7.99


Simple Detailed Top, Floral Skirt

This next style is my personal favourite. I have teamed a beautiful simple top, with gorgeous shoulder detailing. I have chosen to team this with a gorgeous floral skirt. This skirt has gorgeous little flowers on it and i just love it. I think it looks great with a simple white top and then you can accessorize around it. If you don't fancy a white top, chose one of the colours from the skirt but i would recommend simple tops to go with this floral skirt.
Top - Primark - £6.50
Skirt - Matalan - £12

Basic Grey Crop Top, Denim Skirt

For this style i have chosen a really basic grey crop top. This top has no detailing on it, so its perfect to accessorize on to. You could wear a nice long necklace or a scarf just like i have done.
The skirt is a denim skirt and is really simple and looks great with a patterned top.
I chose the scarf as i picked a colour from the outfit and found a scarf that matched really nicely.
I love this outfit and it would suit anyone.
Top - New Look - £4
Skirt - Internationale - £7
Scarf - ?

I have actually really enjoyed writing this post. I took the photos last night and i really enjoyed it, apart from the strong winds, but it was great! Let me know if you want to see any more of these 'How To Style' posts. I have loved writing this!
The 'Fashion Holiday Packing Essentials' post will be up tomorrow, if you didn't see the beauty version click here.
Lots of Love,