How To Be Confident | Thigh Gaps?

Today i will be writing another 'how to be confident' post. These seem to be quite a hit with you lovely people so today I'm writing another.
I will be talking today about thigh gaps. This seems to be a new obsession with some teenagers and some are going to absolute extreme lengths to get one!

What is a Thigh Gap and Why are people going to such extreme lengths to get one?
A thigh gap is literally a gap between your thighs. When you are stood normally with your feet and knees together and there is a gap between your thighs, this is a thigh gap!
'Thigh Gaps' seem to be a new teenage obsession. Lots of teenagers are starving themselves to get one, when this doesn't affect it at all. Leg exercises will just build up the muscles in your legs and not slim them down. Gentle exercise will help slim your legs, but it doesn't not just happen overnight!

It's really important that you know, a thigh gap is not an indication of weight! It is all dependent on the size of your hips. If you have wider hips your more likely to have one than if you have narrow hips.

I can say hand on heart that i do not know one person that is 100% confident with themselves!  I know many people who are skinny and are really insecure. I also know people who are not as skinny and are still insecure.A thigh gap does not change who you are and its important you all know this.

If you have a thigh gap, embrace it, wear beautiful clothing that will enhance it, be happy and smile. If you haven't don't panic, don't start doing vigorous leg exercise because this won't help!
Doing leg exercises will build up the muscles and that will not slim your legs. 
So, if you don't have a thigh gap don't worry. It doesn't change who you are at all!
Marilyn Monroe is considered to be one of the most beautiful women of all time and she did not have a thigh gap! Smile and be happy. If your really insecure about your legs do some simple exercise like running or walking. Or just wearing clothing that doesn't stick right to you!
I hope i have maybe helped a few of you with todays post.
I just wanted to say thigh gap doesn't change who you are!
If you've got one, be proud and embrace it.
If you haven't, don't panic, just be confident and be happy!

 Lots of Love,
(all images sourced from we heart it)