Updated Favourite Parts Of My Room

A while ago i did a favourite parts of my bedroom. Check it out here!
Today i have decided to do an updated version of this. This post is basically pictures of my room to let you guys know a bit more about me, and where i live:)

I use to have a small bookcase here. But recently i had a sort of all of my books. I then found i didn't really need a bookcase for them anymore. So i got rid of it and moved my beauty draws over there.

On top of the draws i have this gorgeous little plate. I got this from a charity shop for just 20p. I keep all of my rings on here and i cannot wait to collect more.

Here is my beautiful bed. On the wall is a beautiful canvas that says my name on it. My friend Elise made this for me and i love it so much!

On a small table in my room i have a collection of cute little books and a few magazines. Ontop i  have a small heart shaped jar with buttons inside and my favroutie hand cream.
Hope you have enjoyed reading about this.
Thanks for all of the nice things said about my post/video from yesterday.
I really enjoyed it!
Lots of Love,