25 Facts About Me Tag

I have been meaning to do this tag for a very long time now, but i haven't been able to think of that many without boring you all to sleep, but i have thought of some facts about me and that hopefully by the end of it won't leave you sleepy and bored, haha!

  1. I love writing blog posts on my blog. Its my little space on the internet where i can share things with other people.
  2. My favourite shops are Boots and Savers. Savers is like a mini boots, just lots cheaper and without the points.
  3. I love trying new foods but my favourite will always be paella. Its the tastiest dish ever and i could eat it forever.
  4. I am addicted to watching beauty videos on YouTube. My favourites are Tanya Burr, Zoella, Fleur De Force and Sprinkle of Glitter.
  5. Summer Is my absolute favourite season. Mainly because no school, so its just a time to relax and chill in the sun.
  6. I rarely wear Eyeshadow although i have a lot of it. I wear some natural shades, but seem to own very bright shades instead?
  7. I love my cat. She's the cutest thing ever and gives the best cuddles and has the cutest meow ever although its more like a squeak.
  8. You can tell i love a magazine when i buy it and there's no free gift?! I love getting free make up and beauty products in them.
  9. I would love to live in a converted barn when i am older. I think they are beautiful houses and i love the idea of living in the country too!
  10. I am extremely organised. I also hate being untidy, i always tidy my room and re-arranging it, i love it so much!
  11. I think Marilyn Monroe was such an amazing person, and i would have loved to meet her, her confidence was amazing.
  12. My sister is amazing and one of my best friends. Even though we argue, we always make up and she's still the best!
  13. I try to write in my diary every night before i go to sleep. Although i have missed out a few days when i have had late nights.
  14. I adore taking photos on my camera (Lumix FZ140) and editing them after. It's the whole idea of a picture changing to look so much better that i love.
  15. I don't own lots of high end make up or products. I like the more affordable cheaper ones that do the same job for less.
  16. I have anxiety disorder because i worry to much about silly little things. Although, i have got better and don't worry as much now.
  17. About a year ago i used to hate going shopping, even for myself. Now i can't stop, but im careful with what i buy and never buy anything for the sake of it.
  18. I am very insecure and self conscious. I think everyone is really, i just constantly compare myself to others, which is bad and i will stop.
  19. I dream to have my own column in a beauty magazine, that would just be my dream job, i would love it so much!
  20. When i move into my own home i really want to have a Yorkshire terrier, i think they are the cutest dogs ever and are so small and cuddly.
  21. I want to read more and i keep buying myself new books to try and get me into it but i'm just to busy but i must find more time to sit and read.
  22. Writing about beauty products really relaxes me and chills me out, i love it and hope you enjoy my writing too!
  23. Confessions of a shopaholic is one of my favourite films, but for some weird reason, i do not have it on dvd?!?
  24. I own a ridiculous amount of beauty products. Four big boxes and four big draws full to be precise, but i do use them all;)
  25. I have a very small family but they are all so important to me and i love them all so much.

Hopefully you all know a little more about me know?
Lots of Love,