August 2013 Random Favourites

Yesterday i wrote about all of the beauty and make up items i have been loving throughout the month of august and today i am writing about all of the random things i have been loving. This will now be a separate post to the beauty favourites and will consist of clothing items, books, jewellery, apps, films and food. Today is time for the random items i have loved throughout august.

Primark Plait Belt - A really simple item, but i have been wearing it so much this month. I have been trying to style different items up a little and make them more to my taste and by just adding a small belt it really changes an outfit and i love this one from Primark for £1.
New Look Scarf - My sister brought me this beautiful scarf and i have been wearing it loads and loads this month. It has so many colours in it and is super easy to wear with anything. The colours all look lovely together and i love the size of this scarf too!
Make Up Canvas Bag - I adore this little canvas bag from boots. I picked it up and i think it was about £1.99. On one size there are four lipsticks and a few make up brushes on the other side there is a face with flowing hair and some lipstick on. I have been using it for beach trips and swimming trips:)
My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult -I picked this book up in a small shop in Plymouth a while ago now. I have already seen the film and loved it. But apparently the book was meant to be quite different. It is completely different but amazing! I think i prefer the film because the ending was sad but happy well as this ending was completely unexpected and very sad.

My last favourite is instagram. I have been using this app for a very long time now but more recently i have been using a lot more regularly now. I use it to post OOTD that don't appear on my blog. Also i use the photos from my blog posts with the text on and i post them to let you all know there's a new post up on my blog. I post a lot of more lifestyle photos too. My username is @lydiacarpenter1 and i would love it if you could go and check it out:)
Hope you have enjoyed reading about my random favourites this month
Lots of Love,