Haul #11 - Charity Shops

Today i have another haul planned for you all. Instead of being the usual Highstreet shops it is slightly different today. Yesterday i went to a small selection of charity shops.
If you're unfamiliar with the term 'charity shop' it is a shop where people can bring in there old things or unwanted things and the shop sells them to people who want them.
Most of the money from the purchases will go to a charity too!

You can get some really awful stuff in there that's very old and tatty but you can also pick up some gems if you look hard enough. My friend once found a radley purse for just £1.99.
I picked up some real bargains yesterday and want to share them with you today.

I love finding good books in charity shops, there only about 70p and i have recently found some great books which i have wanted for a long time but i was reluctant to spend £14.99 on it but i found it for 95p in a charity shop.
I picked up 'Coleen's Real Style'. This was just £1 and is full of ideas on how to wear certain items of clothing. How she styles them, and how colour and patterns can quickly change how you look.
I also picked up Jill Mansell's 'Perfect Timing'. I was intrigued by this book because it is about a lady who meets the man of her dreams on her hen night. I couldn't leave it there,
I had to find out what happened for just 75p.
I also got Marley & Me for 60p. My friend recommended it, and said that she cried numerous times. I have already watched the film, but i want to compare the differences.

I also picked up a few clothes. I decided to use my tripod to help me take pictures of the items instead of just having them hang on a hanger outside my wardrobe and snapping that.
This top was £3.50 and was originally from Topshop. I love the print and cannot wait to wear it!
I always where leggings. I hardly ever wear jeans, but i aw these, and although they don't look it, they are super skinny at the bottom. They were £3.50 and originally from a brand called 'Yes Yes' which i believe is sold in New Look and they used to be around the £20 mark.
I brought this beautiful blouse too. It was just £3. Originally from Next and i love it. The black collar matches my leggings beautifully and i think they go really nicely together. The colour of the top is beautiful and very bright:)

Lastly in my haul today is this top. I saw this on the hanger and really liked it, then i questioned
whether i really did like it and if i could make it work.
I answered yes and brought it for just £2.50. This top i also think looks nice with leggings or jeans.
This was originally from Topshop and i love it !
That's all for today.
I have really enjoyed writing this and buying all of the clothes.
I really like charity shops, but you have to have a good look to find the quality.
Lots of love,