Haul #12 - Boots, The Body Shop, Next & More

I recently went shopping, i picked up a few beauty items and also a few clothing items.
I had a great day shopping and picked up lots and lots of bargains. Here is everything i purchased..

First off we went into marks and Spencers. I am not a great fan of their clothing range, but their ingredients beauty product range is amazing!
The first item is the coconut body polish and i had a small travel sized version and loved it, then found the bigger one for just £1.50. The next item is this passion fruit plant body butter. I have wanted one of these products for ages and picked this up for just £3.
Lastly from this store i got this hand  and body lotion.  This is in the scent lavender and i thought the packaging was so cute and this product was just £2.50.

In the body shop i picked up this vineyard peach shower gel for £3 and this amazing strawberry hand cleanser. I have wanted this for ages and ages, and i think it is about £2.50. The smell is amazing and lasts for ages and leaves your hands feeling really clean and hydrated.

We also quickly popped into the works outlet. I do like this store, its very cheap and usually good quality. I love stationery and they sell some really cute things in their.
I picked up this book called beauty steals, which was just £1.99 and originally £8.99. This is a book which inside has so many products listed and reviews about them.
I also got this cute sticky note book which actually has 1920 sticky notes in there, yaya!:) This was also just £1.99.

In boots i picked up just two items. The first being this soap and glory heel genius foot cream.
This was just £5.50 and i really like the scent, i have already used this and really like it!
I may do a trial Thursday post on it soon?
Also i finally purchased the Maybelline Baby Lips. I picked it up for £2.99 and i got the hydrate version because the others were coloured and i am not a huge lipstick fan, this one is clear and i am also going to do a trial Thursday with this product too!

In fat face i purchased this necklace for just £2. I love the colours in it and i have so many blue items it will look so nice i am sure. I couldn't belive it when i realised it was originally £22.50!?!

In accessorize i brought this pass wallet. This will be great to put my bus pass in and it was just £2.50. I also got some of these tissues, because i can reuse the packet for more tissues and this was just 45p!

In next i purchased the W7 Lash Tastic Mascara because i purchased it on holiday and i love it so much and don't want to run out so i got another. The first was just £1.60 this was slightly more expensive at £2.50. I have got into wearing more Eyeshado

w recently just natural nude colours though, so i picked up this palette for £3.50.
In the next clearance shop i got this beautiful coral coloured top. I already have a grey one just like this and i wear it so much so i thought this would be great too!:)
This was £6.
I got this beautiful jumper from next too, for £10. I really like this and cannot wait to wear it in the spring, autumn and winter yay!
In new look my sister brought me this beautiful scarf. The colours in this are so beautiful, and it will got with everything! This i was just £3 in the sale.
Here is everything i brought,
Lots of love,