Motivational Monday #1

I apolgize once more for lack of posting. I have been super ultra  busy. But today i am starting a new style of post series. If you haven't seen my updates post a while ago check it out here.
You guys all seem to love the how to be confident posts and this post is going to be a quote image that is motivational and gives you happy thoughts and will happen every Monday:')

I adore this quote. Its really important that we all keep moving. Not physically, but that is also quite important, but mentally. We need to forget about things that have happened in the past and simply move on from them. Forget about the past and focus on the future.
I have many problems in the past and at the time i never thought i would move on and i have and this is what the quote is trying to tell you as am i.

Lots of Love,
A few days ago i created a tumblr account. I am not using tumblr to blog. I am simply using it for a place for all of my blog pictures on. So there are outfit of the day photos, monthly favourite photos and many many more. Please go and check it out!?
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