Trial Thursday #1 - L'Oreal Micellar Solution - Part 2

So guys this time last week i began my first ever Trial Thursday. I really enjoyed picking a product to test out of my collection and telling you about what it claims to do. One week later and i have been trying out using this product day and night and i am now here to tell you all my opinion.

L'Oreal Purifying Micellar 3 in 1 Solution
I can honestly say i really adore this product. I was very happy with my simple cleanser and my skin system toner. I never really felt the need to purchase anything else. But i chose to buy this as it is said to be a massive bioderma dupe. I have never tried bioderma so i cannot really say 'yes this product is a massive bioderma dupe'. But from what i have heard it certainly is.
What It Claims To Do?
  • Dissolves Make Up
  • Unclogs Pores
  • Tones The Skin
  • Soothes The Skin
  • Removes Impurities
  • Feels as gentle as water
  • Toner, soother and cleaner in one
Are these statements true?
  • This solution definitely dissolved make up and left my skin feeling super clean
  • I didn't necessarily think i had clogged up pores, so i can't really comment on this one.
  • If i was just comparing this to my skin system toner i would say it did tone my skin.
  • I definitely had smoother skin after using it although not immediately after.
  • Definitely removed impurities, my skin felt super clean after using it.
  • Another true statement here, this solution really did feel as gentle as water.
  • The 3 in 1 statement is a pretty big thing to make although i think it is true. I got the same results from using this as i did with my cleanser and toner.
Any Negatives?
There is one main thing that stood out to me when i used this product that was slightly irritating.
It is actually the cap. Now i love the packaging but when you had to pour the solution onto a cotton pad you had to turn the bottle right upside down to get any out and then lots would come out and you would have slightly too much!
That is my only negative about this product, once you got the hang of pouring it out, it was ok!
Any Positives?
EVERYTHING! i loved using this product as a quick and easy product. My personal favourite bit was actually how it removed my eye make up. Cleansers and toners don't really remove my eye make up incredibly well and i do find myself tugging at my eyes. All i had to do with this one was pop it on a cotton pad, gently press on my eye and hold for about 5 seconds, then sweep away and it was all gone. Absolutely perfect and much gentler on my eyes.
A brilliant product that i will definitely repurchase. Perfect for when later at night when you don't want to be faffing about with toners and cleansers. Just pop a bit onto a cotton pad pop it on your face and your done. I loved how quickly it removed eye make up too! This will continue to be in my collection. This product retails from about £2-£5 depending where you're shopping:)
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