Updated Make Up Collection & Storage

Today I am writing another make up collection/ storage post as I have changed my storage around.
I used to use a two draw set from ikea. But I decided to paint them.
I choose the same colour as my wall, but for some unknown reason the colour came out bright post box coloured red and looked awful in my room, I had no choice but to say toddle-pip to the draws, so I did.
My mum kindly gave me her ikea draw set which instead has 6 smaller draws and lots more room! So today I am sharing with you how I have organised my make up in theses draws and what make up I have!:)

Here is the new draw set. I am afraid I do not know the name of it or the price, but I really love this draw set.
Here are all of my face sort of products. I have powders, bronzers, blushers and a  translucent powder set.
My favoutie product from this collection has to be my sleek blusher set, I love it so much and use it all the time. I will soon do I full review on this beautiful blusher set.

Here are all of my beautiful lipsticks and lip glosses. I am not a huge lip girl although you wouldn't think that if you saw this picture. My favourite product from this collection is definitely my MUA lipstick. I have a few others, but they were in my handbag at the time. Again another review on these products should be on my blog in the future.

Here are all of my base face products. In other words my foundations, bb creams, tinted moisturisers, concealer and corrector sticks. My favourite products from this picture has to be my rimmel wake me up foundation. I love it so much and wear it every single day.

Here are all of my eye products. I have a large collection of pencils and shadows and a liquid eyeliner. My favourite product from this pallete is my natural collection brow shadow in shade asteroid. I use this daily and love it so much.
It is the dark shadow on the right hand side of the picture towards the back

Here are all of my eyelash products. I have some mascara, a small brush and my favourite QS eyelash curlers. My favourite mascara here is definitely my W7 False Liquid Lashtastic Mascara.

Here is all my make up together and the boxes I can no longer use for my make up storage collection
All boxed up.

I put the draws into the storage and have it set out like this.
Foundation - Face Products
Mascara - Eye Products
Lip Products - Empty Draw
Lots of Love,