What's In My Overnight Make Up Bag?

I began the 'What's In My' series a while ago and have so far done what's in my journal, handbag, travel make up bag and a few others. Today i am posting about what's in my overnight make up bag. This is not a bag that is constantly packed, i just pack it when i need it :)

I don't pack a lot of items. I will also throw in a mini shampoo and conditioner as well as a shower gel. But i don't need them this time as were coming straight home after the stay.
Here is my overnight make up bag. Its from Wilkinson's and was about £2.
Charlie 'Chic' Body Spray -  To save bringing a perfume i packed in a spray in my favourite scent
Protect Dry Skin Cream -  This is instead of bringing a night moisturiser. Just a cream.
John Frieda Styling Crème - My favourite styling product for my curly hair ever.
Topshop Face Wipes - I am not bringing toners or cleansers for one night so i packed some wipes.

Rimmel Wake Me Up -  My favourite foundation ever. I had to bring it because i can't be without!
Collection Fat Lash Mascara -  A cheap mascara that does a good job and gives you longer lashes.
Nivea Lip Balm -  I will use this before i go to bed and in the morning to get moisturised lips.
Natural Collection Eyeshadow 'Asteroid' - I use this to lightly shade in my brows and i love it lots!
Natural Collection Blusher 'Pink Cloud - A baby pink blush that looks lush with a nice tan.

For brushes i only have three. I didn't want to bring my real techniques brush incase i left it, as i would be without it for a long time. So i packed just three brushes.
  • Angled Brush ( for eyebrows )
  • Mini Eyebrow/Eyelash comb
  • Mini Powder/ Bronzer / Blush Brush
Here is everything that is in my overnight bag:)
Not a lot, but for one night you really don't need a lot!
Lots of Love,