Benfit 'They're Real' vs W7 'Lash Tastic'

A new style of post today. I will be comparing two products that i personally find quite similar. There is only one big difference in my mind and that is the price tag.

The two products i will be comparing are mascaras. One of them is the ever so famous Benefit's 'They're Real'. I didn't buy this, infact i received it free in an Elle magazine a while ago. This mini is worth £9.50 and the larger one a whopping £19.99.
The other is a W7 mascara. I purchased this from a shop in Plymouth for £1.70 and after loving it so much, i brought another in Next for £2.50 because i didn't want to run out.

I adore the packaging of the Benefit mascara. It looks very posh and high end, which essentially it is.
I do like this mascara but i cannot see myself in the near future forking out to buy this pricey mascara although i love it a lot.

I love the bright colour on this packaging super summery and makes me very happy.
This is obviously a much cheaper mascara and therefroe considered to be 'Highstreet or drugstore'.

Here are the two different wands from the mascaras. The one on the left is Benefits and i really like this, it is a slightly longer and thinner wand to the W7 Mascara and it can coat even the smallest lashes at the corner of my eye.
The W7 wand is slightly thicker and a lot shorter. This coats all of my lashes and makes them look a lot more longer, naturally.
Here is the benefit mascara on my eye. I really like this mascara on my eyes. Although, i don't like how it makes me eyelashes look slightly 'spikey'. It coats them very well, but also groups a lot of them together, which i don't particularly like. The staying power on this however is super. It lasts all day at school and after school too, although, it can be quite tough on my eyes to take off.
Here is the W7 Lash Tastic mascara on my eye. I really love this one so much. It's exactly what i look for in a mascara. It coats all the lashes evenly. That's what i like about it! It also looks very natural. You could quite easily build it up by adding another coat or two. This doesn't last as long as the benefit one, but it does last at least 10 hours. Its also super easy to take off.
  • Benefit's They're Real has a great staying power, coats lashes very well, has a thin and long wand and is the large total of £19.99.
  • Benefit's They're Real is very difficult to take off, even with eye make up remover, groups lots of your lashes together and has a big price tag.
  • W7's Lash Tastic has a natural look, builds lashes up evenly, very easy to build up for a more heavy look and is super easy too take off and is just £2.50.
  • W7's Lash Tastic has a long-ish staying power. Doesn't completely disappear off your lashes, but will loose volume after about 10 hours.
I think overall i do prefer the W7 Lash Tastic Mascara. I find it a lot more natural and really lengthens and volumises my lashes. Also super easy to take off, everything i want in a mascara is in this one and even better it comes with a cheap price tag of just £2.50. Well Done W7 :)
Lots of Love,