DIY - Handmade Hearts

I always take lots of photos for my blog ideas way before i write them. I have had these photos on my laptop for ever such a long time and today i am finally writing the post that goes along with them.
I have a small obsession with cute little things so making a hand made heart would be perfect. They are perfect for a gift to a friend, or just for yourself. Here's how you can make one.

What You Will Need                                         Approximate Time Taken To Make - 20 minutes
  • Fabric
  • Needle & Thread / Sewing Machine
  • Stuffing
  • Embroidery Thread

Begin by cutting the size hearts that you want. Its super easy if you find a template off the internet.
Then pin the template to the fabric and cut around it. Click here for the heart template i used.
Then put the beautiful heart pieces against each other. You will turn it inside out to hide the sewing. So the nice parts of the fabric ( the side you want to show when you're finished ) go together.

Then once the nice parts of the fabric are together, you can sew around them . I would normally use a sewing machine but i used a needle and thread for the purpose of this post. Make sure they are touching all the way round and continue going round and read the next step.

You must leave a little part that has not been sewed up so that you can put the stuffing in and turn it round the right way. About 3 - 4 cm should do it.

Then turn it the right way with the nice fabric showing. This way the sewing would all have been hidden. Make sure you push out all of the parts of the heart from the inside. Then fill with stuffing.

After you have filled it with stuffing, sew up that small little gap you left earlier. You will be able to see the sewing on this one so make sure its super neat and the colour thread blends in. You can also add some embroidery thread to the heart if you want to hang it up.

All finished. Hang your heart up nice and proud or wrap it up for a friend.
Other Ideas
  • If you would like to add some lavender inside, it keeps it smelling beautiful!
  • Add some ribbon to the top to hang it rather than embroidery thread.
  • Use two different fabrics rather than two the same to mix it up.
Happy Heart Making,
Lots of Love,