Haul #15 - Boots, Tk Maxx & Claires

I haven't done a haul in a very long time now. That is not because i have not been shopping but i have never brought enough to justify doing a haul, but i have now, a slight collective haul, it wasn't all brought on the same occasion.

Everything that i purchased over the last few weekends.

First off i went to boots. I was desperate to buy an eye cream, i don't have one, but i really wanted one, they had a whole range of eye creams all different prices. I didn't want to spend lots of money on one, if i didn't like it. So i picked up this Boots Simply Sensitive one for just £2.50.
Another thing i was desperate to try was a cream blush. I picked this one up to try from Natural Collection for £1.99.

Here are a few magazines i brought. I have the boots one free, because i have a card. I also brought the Look Magazine for £1.85 because its my favourite fashion magazine. Also Glamour because it was on sale for a special price of £1.
I haven't been into Tk Maxx for a while now, and they had some amazing things in there! I brought this set of Stila products. Hopefully a review will be up soon, but these are amazing products and retail at about £25 for the set so a big bargain for £7.
Also in Tk Maxx i picked up this beautiful leather jacket. I think a leather jacket is a complete staple in a wardrobe, and i grew out of mine, but this one was perfect for me and only £20.
In claires there was a 5 for £5 offer which i cannot refuse. I brought this beautiful pearl necklace which i cannot wait to wear, also this triple necklace with small beads and crosses, i will probably end up taking the crosses off because i don't like them on this necklace. Also, this beautiful beaded necklace which i already love and adore.
To complete the offer i brought this set of 5 eye shadows, i will hopefully be using this for the autumn photo-shoot that i am planning to do in a week or two. Also this bronzing powder which i really like and is the perfect colour for contouring.
Hope you have enjoyed this haul.
Lots of Love,