Motivational Monday #2

Ever since starting this post i have always planned to write it on Monday then i have another idea and forget about the whole 'Motivational Monday' idea. It started off from the poll i did recently, your favourite posts are the 'How To Be Confident' posts and they are so time consuming to write i wanted to do a little shorter version and that's when motivational Monday was born.

I really like this quote and although quite basic and to the point, it really does make you think.
I have heard so many people say things like 'shes so pretty', 'shes perfect', 'why can't i be you'.
All of these statements may be true, but i think its really important you be you.
Lots of people will say 'she's so pretty' but just like the quote says, just because she might be pretty, it doesn't mean your ugly. You are beautiful. Yes you reading this!
You may not think so at times, but you are. Everybody is unique and everybody is different and that's where the beauty lies.
So, when you see a photo of someone else, yes they may be very pretty but just because they are doesn't mean you are immediately not.
I hope you enjoyed this short little post.
I am very busy at the moment,
but i wanted to sit down for 15 minutes and write this post.
Lots of Love,