Motivational Monday #3

This particular series of posts have been a big hit with you lovely people, and this is only my third.
Today I have another photo to share with you all, I find all of my photos on pintrest and my addiction to that beautiful website is slowly getting bigger. If you want to check out my pintrest account or my motivational board on there, click this link here and have a snoop if you love pintrest like me:)

I love this quote so much and it is oh so true! I think in a way, this quote is kind of incorrect. Just slightly. In the fact that it says 'big things often have small beginnings' I think they always do.
You cannot be born and straight away be completely famous and talented at everything.
Unless your parents are extremely famous and I'm just rambling now but yes I guess there are exceptions. There always are.
But I thinks it's important that you know that big things, like being famous, or having a popular blog or you tube channel always come from small beginnings.
You cannot start a blog or you tube channel and instantly have 1,000,000 subscribers or followers.
You will always start at nothing and work your way up.
That's why I used this picture, I always look at other blogs with thousands of followers and I think, how amazing, why can't I have a blog like there's, just silly little things like that.
But then I remind myself that they would have started small too, and grown bigger and bigger.
So, the point of this is simply to let you know not to compare your beginnings to other people's middle. As everything will start from nothing and you have to help it grow.

Hope you have enjoyed this, little post.
Lots of love,