September 2013 Favourites

Another month is drawing to a close and i have chosen the products that i have been absolutely loving this month as usual to share with you all. I'm quite strict with the products, i really do try to pick products i have loved for the whole month just for the last week.

Here are all of the 7 products that i have been loving this month. My random favourites will be up tomorrow hopefully :)

Ingredients Cuticule Cream - I love this little one so much. I have really been loving it for over a month, but i forget to put it in. This is a cuticule cream that you squeeze a dot onto your nails and it helps to push your cuticles down to keep you nails nice and healthy. I love the almond scent too!
John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Miracle Treatment - You use this excellent product after a shower when your hairs wet and just spray it on. It is essentially a leave in conditioner that nourishes and detangles your hair. I have been using this so much this month and really loving it.
Natural Collection Passion fruit Body Spray - I have really found my love for the passion fruit scent recently and this body spray reminds me why. It's such a beautiful scent and i spray it on like a perfume and pop it in my bag as it's the perfect size.
Nivea Regenerating Night Cream - Everyone heard about my obsession with the Tesco night cream but i can honestly say i prefer this one. Its much heavier, but i like that. In the morning my face is lovely and soft. I would love to try more from the Daily Essentials range.

Attitude Make Up Setting Spray - I don't know if i spoken about this on my blog before. Its from savers and i adore it. It actually works as well, its a make up setting spray that is said to keep your make up on for 12 hours. I don't know if that's true, but it definitely does work and i have noticed the difference. I have been using this every morning this month and loving it!
W7 Naked Nudes Eyeshadow Palette - I brought this a while back and have been using it so much! I am not a fan of bright Eyeshadow on my eyes, i just cant work it. That's why this palette is so perfect for me, even the darker brown is super natural and lovely.
Natural Collection Loose Powder - I had never tried a loose powder before this one and i must say i really like them. I brought this on in warm translucent. So it matches anyone's skin and gives them a warm glow. This is such a light powder, i love it so much!
Keep an eye out for my random favourites tomorrow,
and a big surprise next week :)
Lots of Love,