Trial Thursday #2 - Maybelline Baby Lips Part 1

I'm back today with another trial Thursday. This post was a big hit for you guys so i decided to do another. Today i am reviewing a different product or at least telling you what it claims to do then i will use it for a week and feedback to you lovely people in a weeks time:)

These lip balms were big in America for quite a long time and they have finally come to England.
They come in six different colours or flavours.  Hydrate, Intense Care, Mint Fresh, Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss.
I believe that the Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss varieties all have a hint of colour.

I am not a big fan of lip balms with colour pay off. I don't like the whole 'lip balm and lipstick' rolled into one because usually the colours aren't great. So i just picked up the Hydrate Baby Lips because its uncoloured.

I was super excited to try the baby lips because i had heard so many amazing things about them and i cannot wait tot try it and tell you all what it think of it. Obviously i am only reviewing the one that i own, so what i think of this one may be different to the other options. But at £2.99 I'm sure you cannot go wrong.

What It Claims To Do?

  • Gives Intensive Care
  • 8 Hour Hydration
  • Nourishing for baby soft lips
  • Has SPF 20
  • Leaves lips soft, conditioned and cared for.

Quite big statements to make if I'm honest. Especially for a lip balm. I cannot wait to begin using this and see if all of these big claims are accurate and true.
If i like this product i will possibly go out and purchase another one, maybe one of the lip balms with a hint of colour and see if i like it:)
I cannot really see the point of having six though, although if you like them i can sort of understand?

I hope this is a little insight to what the baby lips lip balms
claim to do. There wasn't really a lot to write so sorry if this isn't
a lot. But anyways, check back next week for part 2 :)
Lots of Love,