Trial Thursday #2 - Maybelline Baby Lips - Part 2

Last week i reviewed the Maybelline baby lips in my trial Thursday posts. Check it out here.
I have been trying out this product for the last week and i am now here to tell you all my opinion.
Maybelline Baby Lips
This product has been majorly hyped up in the beauty world. They were massive in America and have come to the UK and have gone down quite a storm. Everyone seems to be buying them and seeing if they can collect the six different ones. I have the 'Hydrate' Baby Lips as i don't like the colour pay off lip balms have. There are three that have a slight colour tint and the same that don't.

What It Claims To Do?

  • Gives Intensive Care
  • 8 Hour Hydration
  • Nourishing for baby soft lips
  • Has SPF 20
  • Leaves lips soft, conditioned and cared for.

Are These Statements True?

  • Honestly, i don't know if intensive care was given, i liked it, but i think maybe 'intensive care' is maybe not true?
  • I was not counting on the clock, but i used this before i went to bed and honestly by the time i had finished reading and turned my light off my lips didn't feel as hydrated. So, maybe not?
  • Straight after use, yes, my lips did feel very soft, but after a lot longer, not so much.
  • I haven't got a machine that tests to see SPF levels, so i guess we will just have to trust Maybelline on this one.
  • Again, yes after applying but after a while not so much.

Any Negatives?

Honestly, i didn't really like this product. I feel slightly guilty but it just wasn't for me. I found it didn't hydrate your lips for very long and it instantly vanished leaving my lips feeling dry again after about 5 minutes. I honestly cannot wait to get back to using my nivea lip balm.
Sorry Maybelline. I normally really like you, but i just didn't like it.
Also, the packing. Looks gorgeously cute in pictures. The clear plastic bit against the bright blue looks lovely. But once this clear part is taken off. It feels so cheap and tacky.

Any Positives?

I can't really think of anything i ever really liked about this product. That sounds so awful and harsh. But i really just didn't get on with it. I feel a bit like i should though, because there so popular and everyone loves them but i just didn't.


In summary, i didn't find any of the statements were true for me. I didn't find this one particularly hydrating either and disappeared off my lips quite quickly. I thought the packaging was slightly cheap looking and feeling. I normally love Maybelline but this lip balm didn't quite do it for me.

As i briefly said before, lots of people like this,
this is just my opinion. So if you like it, please let me know.
Lots of Love,