Accessorising Autumn/Winter Clothing

I recently posted photos showing the autumn/winter shoot that i did with my sister and friend Lucy. I briefly mentioned there that i would so a look book style post, and i will. But today i want to talk to you a little about accessorising with these outfits. Many people find it hard to wear jewellery or scarves with already busy tops, but i want to show you some simple ideas that anyone can do. 

Bracelets - I guess this is an obvious one. I love wearing bracelets with outfits i find they add that extra detail to an outfit. I love picking out colours that you would never usually think went with something. Like here, a simple stripy top and a thick cardigan. Quite plain and simple, but by adding these brightly coloured bracelets it looks so much better.
Bright coloured jewellery will always be in, but i think its safer in the autumn/winter to stick to autumnal colours.
Here i picked out bracelets that match the overall colour scheme of the outfit. I love browns/golds in the winter especially and i think they look beautiful with a matching colour outfit. The add lots of detail to an outfit. If you want to wear a ring with it too, i would stick to a matching one. Like if your wearing rose gold bracelets wear rose gold rings.
Scarves. Always a cute accessory and can add lots to an outfit. I am hopefully going to be doing a 'scarf style' post so i don't want to say much. This is actually a liberty scarf, but i got if for 50p in the charity shop ;)
Cute socks, these look super cute! I love the cute frilly ones from topshop, when the peak out of boots i think they look so nice! But a clashing colour and pattern looks lovely!
Lots of Love,