Disappointing Products #2

Ages ago i posted about my first lot of disappointing products see the post here. Since then i have been making a list of the products that have really disappointed me. I usually research the products before i buy them or at least read reviews, that's why these posts don't come around all to often.

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser - I picked this up after reading some rave reviews, and also receiving a sample in the post from Nivea. The concept is brilliant. Its meant to be just like a moisturiser, but you apply it in the shower. Sounds great right? I didn't really work for me, i applied it and washed it off but i found no benefits, my skin was no softer like it claimed to be. I guess i just had really high hopes for this and it didn't live up to them.
Barry M Textured Nail Paint (Kingsland Road) - I had heard brilliant reviews on this polish, so i wanted to try the new textured range out for myself. This one was £3.99 and i did actually really like it. The reason it's featuring in this post is because it was basically impossible to take off! Its worst than trying to take off a glitter nail polish. It also slightly stained my nails after wearing it. 
Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash - I had heard so much about the balance me skin care range, but i never forked out to buy any of it. Then they had samples in a Glamour magazine so i picked one up. I got the face wash and tried it out as soon as i got home. I hated it! The smell was awful. I cant really comment on the consistency, or the effects, as i just put it on my face and took it straight off. I couldn't stand the smell at all!  
L'Oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray - Again i had read loads of reviews on this, and honestly i was just desperate to try it! :) I did like it, but not the pump. How fussy do i sound, hah! Also the smell was a bit strong for me, and i didn't notice a massive difference after using it. It was good and my sister adores it, so i may just give it to her.

Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream - I used this a tiny bit in the summer, but not a lot and i wanted to put it in to share it with you. Its good, but i found the colouring too brown/orange. Not my cup of tea anyway. It was alright, but i hardly wore it as i was a bit disappointed by it.
Lots of Love,