Haul #17 - Asda, Claires & Staples

Another haul for you today, just a little one. I haven't been 'big' shopping in a while now, as i don't like to go shopping too much, too close to my birthday. Which by the way is in 9 days time, yay!

First off i went into Asda as they had a health and beauty event on! :) I picked up this beautiful Rimmel lipstick in shade 200, Latino. Normally around the £6 mark, i picked it up for just £1.50 :)
Also the most gorgeous autumn nail polish shade in 104, Noite De Gal, for just £2.

Also in Asda i picked up this top for £5. I really like it, the sleeves are already rolled up and sewn into place. I have already loved wearing it with trackies or jeans. Its also super comfy.

In staples i picked up some cute A5 whiteboards. I use these to write my homework list or to do's.
They were £2 each or 3 for 2.

In Claire's i brought this beautiful infinity bracelet. I cannot stop wearing it! It was £4.50 but i love it so much. I have always liked the infinity sign anyway, but never had it on anything.
Lots of Love,