Haul #18 - Birthday Presents

Saturday was my birthday and i honestly had the best day ever! It was spent with family and then yesterday (Sunday) i had all my lovely friends round for a little Halloween themed party :)
I had the best time ever and feel so worn out. In between all the madness i was given some truly gorgeous presents and thought i would share just some of them with you all now :)

I was totally spoilt over the weekend, i had such a brilliant weekend and did not want it to end!
  • Lauren Conrad - Beauty
  • Lauren Conrad - Style
  • Lydia Kabuki Brush
  • Ebay Make Up Brushes (massive real technique dupes!)
  • Technic Make Up Case
  • Accessorize Perfume 
  • Leafy & Lovely Bath Set

  • Lush Bath Bombs (Soot Ball, Pumpkin, Shoot For The Stars)
  • OPI Nail Polishes ( Strawberry Magenta, Hot & Spicy )
  • Cute gloves 
  • Blog Inc. - Joy Deangdeelert
  • Set of 3 Notebooks
Lots of Love,