My Favourite Beauty Books

I can quite quickly go from blogging all week, to hardly at all and i apologize for that. But i am back, posting about beauty books today. 
Here are my three favourite 'beauty books'.
  • Beauty Bible Beauty Steals - Sarah Stacey & Josephine Fairley
  • InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets
  • Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets

This first book is the beauty bible beauty steals and i picked it up from the works for about £1.99 . It has sections eg. face scrubs, foundations, eye creams literally everything beauty related and then has a selection of products that have been trialled and then a review on them.

Here are how the pages are set out, i really like it. There are about 5/6 different products mentioned and then a review and price and then rating. There are also some handy tips scattered around too.

Next up is the In Style Ultimate Beauty Secrets. I also really like this one, there are in total 218 beauty secrets. They are all really tips and advice but also how to do things, and use make up in different ways, i really like it.

I brought this book off amazon and i think it was around £4 including postage. It very interesting and also helpful, all of the tips are set out in sections too, there not just randomly spread which i also like.

Lastly is the Cosmos Sexiest Beauty Secrets. I was worried this would be similar to the In Style book, but its quite different, This is more formal i found. Its more of a book you can actually read, not just flick in and out of when you fancy.

This book has lots of tips and so much really helpful advice. I love it and think it was around a similar price to the In Style version, but there very different.
Sorry again for the lack of posts this week,
Lots of Love,