Top 6 Lipsticks

I have a slightly different post today. I want to talk to you all my top lipsticks in my collection. I am not a massive lipstick fan, but recently i have found some truly gorgeous colours that have been wearing like crazy. Most of them are natural nudes but can easily be built up to be a more thicker, vibrant colour.

  • The Body Shop 'Delipscious' - I love this one and although it has no name, its still brilliant! The colour is slightly purple/nude and looks so lovely!
  • Natural Collection 'Rose Petal'- This is just beautiful! Its the perfect nude colour and looks fabulous with every outfit, i am so happy i own this, i wear it all the time
  • Rimmel 'Latino' - I really like this one, its quite natural but after about two coats, its a really bright, vibrant pink and i really like that
  • Collections 'Valentine' - I brought this purely for Halloween and i really love it. Its super pigmented and actually suits my skin colour, i thought it would be too bright.
  • MUA's 'Peachy Keen' - Firstly the name is adorable! But so is the colour. This is only £1 and i cannot stop wearing it, again its also very buildable.
  • Stila's 'Berry' - This is a lovely lip glaze stick that is perfect for autumn/winter. I really love it and its super glossy and sparkly too.
Lots of Love,