Ebay Make Up Brushes Review

I received these for my birthday and have honestly loved them ever since. These brushes are complete dupes for the ever so famous real technique brushes. I own one real technique brush (the expert face brush) and i love it so much. Although at £9.99 it was a little pricey. But Ebay have some amazing dupes and i am going to tell you about them now.

They came in a set of 5. I don't know the particular names of any of them I'm afraid. The one on the far right is my favourite real technique expert face brush.

The bristles are exactly the same and i thought for a set of 5 for £12.99 begin a lot cheaper than just the one for £9.99 the quality would be very different. Clearly not. They are exactly the same and have the same softness on the skin too.
I also really prefer the colour of the Ebay ones, you can get them in this gorgeous blue, pink or the gold.
In order to test them i tried using them to apply my favourite Rimmel foundation and took photos to show you all. I love it so much and i can honestly say these brushes were brill! No streaks or any of the bristles falling out either. I am highly impressed.

This brush i found the most similar to my expert face brush. Similar in shape, but also in the application. It was very smooth and the foundation blended really easily and i think gave a really natural effect.
I wanted to keep it the same in order to compare by using foundation for all the brushes. But this particular brush is better suited for a powder. I love using it now with a bronzer, highlighter or blusher as it creates a really natural look.
I loved this angled stippling brush. I found it applied the foundation well, but i much prefer using it after my expert face brush to blend in more and make it looks more natural.
This brush was my least favourite out of the 5. I found it hardly blended and i did struggle to apply the foundation with it. It felt incredibly soft but also very thin which i didn't like.

I also loved this one. This gave a really natural effect and it is very similar to the angled stippling brush, except its not angled! So i guess this is a stippling brush.
Hope you have enjoyed this review. You can purchase the brushes here on Ebay for £12.99.
Also, this is my 150th post! yay!
Lots of Love,