Guest Post : Kick Your Coffee-Drinking Habit

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It’s Time to Kick Your Coffee-Drinking Habit

Many Americans are now heavily dependent on coffee, with almost half the US adult population drinking this beverage on a daily basis. Statistics say that almost 400 million cups of coffee are consumed in the US every day.

A cup of freshly brewed coffee may seem soothing, but you should remember that the overall health effects of this beverage have not been uncovered yet. It is still a topic of debate among health experts.

Coffee contains caffeine, which is responsible for its “energy-boosting” properties. But this powerful substance is a drug, and, although widely legal, is very powerful and may cause temporary changes in your mood and behavior.

Another drawback of drinking coffee is that it may be loaded with pesticides. A report from the Christian Science Monitor revealed that conventional, non-organic coffee farmers apply as much as 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers per acre. What’s more alarming is that the US has no input or control over the type and quantity of pesticides used in countries where we import our coffee from.

Because of the unknown effects of coffee and the pesticide exposure you may get from it, you should try to eliminate or reduce your consumption of this beverage.

Simple Tips to Get Coffee Out of Your Life

Coffee drinking can become an addiction, especially if you’ve been drinking this substance heavily for years or if you have high sensitivity to caffeine. As with other drugs, eliminating caffeine from your body may result in uncomfortable, sometimes unbearable, withdrawal symptoms. This is why it is ill-advised to go “cold turkey” when eliminating coffee from your body.

You must learn to eliminate coffee gradually from your diet – for example, instead of consuming certain cups per day, you can simply drink only one cup. You can also follow these steps during the withdrawal process to reduce the harmful effects of the coffee you are still consuming:

  1. Buy organic coffee to avoid exposure to pesticides.
  2. Avoid coffee additives like artificial sweeteners, sugar, and milk. They can do more harm to your health than the coffee.
  3. Use unbleached coffee filters in your drip coffeemaker. Bleached white filters may be contaminated with chlorine.
  4. You can switch to decaffeinated coffee, but make sure you drink only coffee that has been non-chemically decaffeinated, such as those that have gone through the "Swiss Water Process."

Another Great Way to Reduce Your Coffee Intake: Drink Tea

If you constantly crave a warm, soothing beverage, drink high-quality organic tea instead. There are many different tea varieties available today, such as white tea, green tea, and herbal brews like tulsi tea, saw palmetto tea, and ginger tea. Next to pure water, tea is the second most popular beverage in the world.

However, you need to make sure to choose a high-quality brew to ensure that you’re not getting any unwanted additives. Keep in mind that some black tea brands are tainted with fluoride and other heavy metals. Even low-quality brands of green tea, the healthiest type of tea you can consume, may contain additives.

Another beverage to watch out for is the “green tea energy drink,” which is often recommended to fitness enthusiasts. Manufacturers of this drink claim that it is a natural product that may help with weight management, but the truth is that it is loaded with chemicals, sweeteners and caffeine!

If you’re looking for a refreshing green tea beverage, try this Healthy Green Tea Soda recipe instead.


Two green tea bags

Two cups (or one pint) of boiling water

A pint-sized Pyrex measuring cup or heat-proof jar

One teaspoon raw organic honey (optional)

Two cups of natural sparkling mineral water (1/2 glass per serving)

(This recipe makes four servings.)


  1. Put the green tea bags in the Pyrex measuring cup or heat-proof jar.
  2. Pour two cups of boiling water over the tea bags.
  3. Add a teaspoon of raw, organic honey and stir.
  4. Store the mixture in the fridge for about an hour to cool. Afterwards, remove the tea from the fridge.
  5. Prepare four glasses. Pour a half-glass of tea into each glass and add half a glass of sparkling mineral water.
  6. Add crushed ice for a more refreshing beverage.

Curbing your coffee addiction is possible. Just remember that there are healthier and equally delicious options you can turn to, like tea.

About the Author

Elaine is researching the effects of coffee consumption. She is also studying coffee alternatives, particularly herbal tea. At present, she is writing about unique but lesser-known brews like saw palmetto and hibiscus tea. Online resources such as the Mercola natural health newsletter provide her reliable, up-to-date information.