Review : Sleek Face Contour Kit

I purchased this product fairly recently, and i have been completely obsessed with it ever since! I have wanted to review it ever since for you guys, its so brilliant!

Isn't just the packing just beautiful? Anyways, so this is a kit that contains a contour powder to help enhance your cheekbones and jawline etc. There is also a highlighter powder to literally highlight the apples of your cheeks, centre of your nose etc.
Its is available from Boots or Superdrug for £6.50 and there is a larger one containing a blush/bronzer depending on the shade you choose for £9.99.

It's so beautiful! I have been using this daily ever since i got it. I have it in shade light 824. I find the contour powder an ok shade for my skin. I don't have very prominent cheek bones anyway, so i don't want to overload them with powder anyway, but this is good just for a little bit of contour and i wouldn't want a shade darker unless i was crazy about contouring.
The highlight is gorgeous! It has a very small amount of shimmer, but i find this lasts all day and i love it so much, it just lightly highlights the places on your face where you apply it.

Here is a swatch of the products. The contour powder isn't this dark, i had to apply a few layers to even get it visible on my camera. But when applied over foundation it looks truly fab. I would recommend definitely swatching it first in store before you buy it as the highlight shade is all very similar.  The highlighter is really beautiful too and like i said earlier, gives just a small shimmer as you can see in the photo :)
You can pick it up here from the boots website for £6.49.
Lots of Love,