My Make Up Collection #4

Today i will be sharing with you all my updated make up collection. It has actually changed a lot since the first post, so much so that i had to get bigger draws. But seriously, this blog is the reason my make up collection has grown because i have been so interested in trying out new products.

In the first draw i have all my 'base products'. Like foundation, primers, bb creams and concealers.
In the second draw i have all my powders, blushers, highlighters and bronzers. I have had to split this draw into two pictures because there is just so much!
In my third draw i have all my mascaras. Yes i own a few too many! I also keep my eyelash curlers in this draw as well as two Eyeshadow pallets.
In my fourth draw i keep all my other eye products. I have all my eye pencils, eyeliners, eye shadows and two eyeliner sharpeners.
In my fifth draw i keep all my lip products. I have all my lip glosses, lip balms and lipsticks in this draw.
The last draw is a little random. I keep my little mirrors in here as well as some odd brushes and a perfume sample. I also have my Barry M palette and my super cool Technic Palette which i will certainly review soon!

 So, there was my updated make up collection, i hope you enjoyed it and saw how i organised it all.
Lots of Love,