Review: Stila Angel Light Foundation

I picked this lovely product up from the pound shop a while ago now and loved it so i wanted to review it. I recently fond my love for stila products and this is amazing.
The particular product i brought is actually a refill, meaning you already have the case/box and refill with this. i didn't have the case, but i did find somewhere to put it.

How gorgeous is the packing though?! This obviously isn't a liquid foundation, its a powder foundation. Which i have never really liked loads, considering i like my foundation to be medium-high coverage a powder cant really do that. I personally use this just as a powder to help set my make up and keep it matte.

I had a look on the internet to try and find the selling price, and found one on amazon for £26? This may be completely out, considering i brought it for £1. But im not sure.
It looks particularly dark in the image above, but it really isn't, hehe! I picked it up in shade a i believe, not too sure.

So, overall i do really like this product, i wouldn't ever be confident enough to wear this as a foundation however, because of the low coverage. But it is very good as a powder to lighten up foundation and to set it. I would rate this about a 8/10.
Lots of Love,