Sparkly Nails For Christmas

I said the other day in my Barry M polish post how much i love sparkly nails and i love them especially over Christmas and new year. But taking it off after is difficult so i just like doing a small amount occasionally at the top of my nails and i wanted to share it with you all today.

For this i have used two polishes and one excellent nail brush from Avon.
I used OPI's Strawberry Margarita and W7's Multi Dazzle.

How beautiful is this colour!? I love it so so so much and although it may not be Christmassy i couldn't stop myself from using it, oops.
  • start by creating a base layer of your favourite colour. I decided to show you the next steps on my nail wheel because it was too fiddly to photograph.

  • When the bottom layer has dried, put a blob of the sparkly polish at the top of your nail.
  • Then use either the brush/the nail brush to move it around the nail
  • Then spread it down the sides of your nails a little too, and add more over the top. You could also add a different sparkle over the top.
Lots of Love,
Ps - Happy Christmas For Tomorrow Everybody :D xx