The Clothes Show Live

Yesterday i was lucky enough to be able to go the clothes show in Birmingham. I had an absolutely amazing day. I got the chance to watch a brilliant fashion show as well as having a great day full of shopping in the beauty hall.


There was also a very large beauty hall with some really amazing offers. I had brought some money and there was so much choice there, i picked up a few things and was very pleased with it all.
There was a massive rimmel stand and a huge queue! This was because rimmel were selling small bags full of make up/products worth £25 for £5. We joined the queue and i received these items.
  • Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish - 393 desire
  • Rimmel Sun Shimmer - Medium
  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara 

There was a cute stand called Jelly Pong Pong and they had a few items for sale and bags for £2.50. I picked one up and got this beautiful bronzer duo and Eyeshadow/liner.
There was also a huge W7 make up stand where they had a great offer of 5 items for £10. So i had a look round and easily picked up 5 items. I got this Double Act Bronzer/highlighter Duo and this Honolulu Bronzer.

Also from the W7 stand i got one of their camera ready primers. An Automatic Pen Liquid Eyeliner and an angled Eyeshadow brush.
I had a really awesome day and brought some brilliant items which i will now have to try and find a space for in my make up collection,heh.
Lots of Love,