Happy 1st Birthday Blog

Today my blog is 1 year old, woop woop :)
Exactly one year ago today i sat down at my desk and decided to create a blog. I don't really know why this happened, but it did and im super happy it did. I decided today i wanted to sort of look back over this last year and sort of celebrate my blogs 1st birthday.

  • I was just really getting into blogging and didn't really have much of an idea of what i wanted my blog to be about or the posts i wanted to write so there was a bit of everything on my blog.
  • I also began blogging for next and sharing some lovely items from there.
  • I also did my first modelling shoot with Lucy and Charlotte.
  • I did another little modelling shoot and shared some beautiful items of clothing.
  • I posted my first review and first what i wore today post.
  • In March i began my monthly favourites series which i am still doing now and love it.
  • I also shared some of my top pamper evening essentials, and showed you more of my room in my dressing table tour and my favourite parts of my room post. I also posted my first beauty product tidy up.
  • I continued to review different products and began a DIY series. I also shared with you all my tiny make up collection which has now grown dramatically.
  • In April i shared my first haul post and started my disappointing products series. As well as the 'What's in My..' series and 'My ... Routine'.
  • I also started my How To Be Confident Series and posted about why Barbie isn't so perfect.
  • I also shared some products by my bedside and showed you a little about redecorating my room. Also i started my empties post series.
  • In may i was continuing with my hauls and reviewing a few products. I also did a tag where i shared products of different colours of the rainbow.
  • I shared an updated make up collection and showed you about my spring wardrobe change.
  • I also had my first guest post posted on my blog.
  • In June i showed you some pictures from a festival i went too and my summer fashion essentials.
  • I had another guest post posted on my blog and i shared a few pictures from my beauty draws.
  • I shared the updated favourite parts of my room and started adding on a few random favourites within my monthly beauty favourites.
  • I also went on holiday to Plymouth so there were a few photos from there as well as a few what i wore today posts and how i style skater skirts post.
  • As well as sharing my thoughts on thigh gaps adding to the how to be confident series.
  • Most importantly i reached my 100th post in July.
  • In August i shared my updated make up collection reviewed many more products.
  • I began my motivational Monday posts and Trial Thursday posts.
  • Also, i shared pictures from another festival i went too.
  • In September i did another DIY post about making handmade hearts.
  • I also compared Benefit's They're Real and W7's Lash Tastic mascaras. I reviewed the Sleek Blush By 3 palette.
  • I updated my hair care routine and also shared a summer summary shoot post.
  • In October i shared my second beauty product tidy up and realised how many products i own.
  • It was also my birthday so i shared in a haul some of the presents i received.
  • I also had an 'Autumn Week' where i shared all of my top winter essentials and did another photo-shoot and baking post.
  • I really found i loved reviewing products and photographing them so there were a lot of reviews in November.
  • As well as another guest post and lots more hauls and what i wore today posts.
  • In December i reviewed a few more products and shared a lot of nail polish related posts.
  • I also showed you all what i got at the Clothes Show and how brilliant it was.
  • I also did an updated make up collection post.