Haul #22 - Next & Asda

My blog has been incredibly neglected in the last two weeks and i have had so much homework and coursework to complete my blog has taken a back seat. But i have had some good ideas for posts and they will be up soon ish i hope. Today however i have a good old fashioned haul, yay!

I went into asda and they has some amazing items in their sales. I picked up this beautiful scarf for £4. Its super cosy and woolly. I love it so so much and the colours are all so lovely too.
I have been a bit fed up of my current shampoo and conditioner so i fancied a change. I chose this smooth and soft range from Herbal Essences and i absolutely love it! I have used these products about three times since buying them and i have noticed how soft my hair is, i love them!
I also got this beautiful dress in asda for just £8. I adore it and with a black belt round the waist it looks really and for £8 you cant go wrong.
In the next sale i got this lovely hoodie for just £10. I don't have a hoodie with a zip and this one is super cosy and lovely.
I also got this basic purple coloured long sleeved top for just £2!!

And lastly this gorgeous blue jumper. I love it so so much and it looks lovely with leggings and jeans. This was just £14.
Lots of Love,