My Barry M Nail Polish Collection

I am a big nail polish especially when it comes to Barry M. I am a big lover of affordable brands and i think Barry M is definitely one of those. Today i wanted to share with you my small Barry M polish collection.

Here are the sparkly/textured ones. I love having sparkly nails i think they look so lovely and       Barry M have my favourite sparkly ones.
I always use a base colour and then a sparkly layer over the top and i think that looks very nice.
On the left is a textured nail polish and i love it so much, although some people don't like them as they look quite gritty, but i love it!
Here are my three colours. I love the mint green colour and wear it all the time. The middle is a limited edition so now sadly not available anymore, but this is probarly my favourite colour in a nail polish and i own so many of this shade by other brands.
The last one here is a really beautiful peachy shade and i love it under a coat of sparkle.

I swatched all of the nail polishes on my nail wheel and labelled them. Aren't the names all just so cute?! Also this is all just one coat, so they are amazing polishes.
Incase you are curious the colour underneath both of the sparkles is Essie's 'tea and crumpets'.

Lots of Love,