My Holiday To Dubai & South Africa

Over the past two weeks my blog has been incredibly neglected. This is because i have been on holiday for Christmas :) I did set a few posts to post automatically but they didn't work, so i had to log on occasionally  and post them myself which was annoying. But i am back and today i wanted to share some of my holiday photos with you all :)


 I swam with dolphins and danced with them at the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Beach.
I also went up the tallest building in the world which happens to be in Dubai and saw some amazing sights from 124 floors high.

 South Africa

At a rhino and lion park i saw this adorable cheetah and got the chance to go in to the enclosure with him and stroke and cuddle him.
I also rode an elephant at the elephant sanctuary.

 I had the most amazing holiday ever and i hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my many pictures.
I have big plans for 2014 on my blog, including my 2013 favourites which will be up soon.
Lots of Love,