Life Update

Over the past month i have hardly posted on my blog at all. Although it is my blog so i set when i want to post i feel guilty for not posting. I have been very busy with homework and coursework needing to be completed. Whenever i did have free time i would relax and blogging was the last thing i wanted to do. So today i wanted to just say i am back properly now, i hope.

I looked through my posts recently and saw that most of the recent blog posts have been beauty related. I would certainly love to add more fashion and lifestyle posts into my blog soon and have a few ideas. I began 'Motivational Monday' posts a while ago, but never really stuck to posting every Monday and keeping to it, but i really want to now! So this will hopefully be starting up again.

I also want to do more 'DIY' posts and lifestyle posts. I have a few ideas and cannot wait to get them onto my blog. I would love to do a 'My Week' post, sharing pictures from the week that i have taken that sum up my week. I think this would be a really cool way to look back over the week and summarise what i have done. Hopefully this will start tomorrow, but im not to sure yet.

Fashion posts are quite tricky for me, as i don't particularly like taking OOTD photos myself. But hopefully more fashion shoots will be around soon and i will post the pictures straight to my blog.

I have also started up a tumblr blog too. Its not anything like this one, just cute pictures i love. If you would like to check it out, i would love that so so much, here is the link.

Life Update

Over the past month or two i have been super busy, as i said. I have had loads of homework to complete with strict deadlines and revision for tests and that will be starting all over again in another week or so. Here are a few little pictures summarising what i have been up to over the past month.