Motivational Monday #4

It's back. Motivational Monday is back! After a long break i decided to bring this weekly feature back onto my blog. I really liked these posts, and so did you guys! Incase you have no idea, Motivational Monday is a feature i added on my blog a while ago. It will be a post every week on a Monday and will be of a quote picture, sharing some inspirational words or just a quote that is really lovely!

I thought this quote was pretty awesome! Its essentially saying each day make someone's day. What a lovely idea is that? If everyone did that the world would be a better, happier place to live.
Its not saying you have to do anything 'out there'. Just a simple smile at someone else to brighten their day. The more im saying about this quote the more i am falling in love with it. Richelle E Goodrich you are a woman of wise words! If you want to see a list of some other excellent quotes by Richelle E Goodrich check out this page here.
Anyways, today go out there and brighten someone's day. You never know how happy they would become from someone else just smiling at them. It could brighten their day,hah!

I find all of these lovely quotes on a fantastic website called Pintrest.
I have a social media icon link on the right sidebar of my blog and if you click on the pintrest
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If you just want to check out my 'motivational quotes' mood board on pintrest click the link here. 
Lots of Love,