My Week #2

I began this series just last week. The idea is that i share photos with you all of my week. I did it last week and you guys seemed to like it. I also adore taking photos of everything, its lovely to look back on photos and bring back some fabulous memories and thoughts.

I've had a fabulous week and been quite productive. Its been half term, so a week off school. Normally i plan to meet up lots with my friends and be busy. Not this week. This week i wanted to totally chill and just have a relaxing week and that's what happened!
  • I went shopping quite a few times this week. Oops! I did a mini beauty shop and i have a haul lined up for you next week sharing the items i brought. I also went to a lot of charity shops to see what was there. I brought lots of cute things, books, films and some gorgeous lace collared blouses which i may share with you all soon.
  • I watched the most amazing film called About Time. Its absolutely amazing, i don't want to spoil it or say what happens, because i will give it away and i don't want that,hah! But if you see it, buy it! You wont regret it! Its the best romantic-comedy film i have ever ever seen!
  • I also finally cleaned my make up brushes,yay! I should really do this more often, but i really don't which is bad because spreading bacteria round your face is ergh. But i got round to it finally and there all so lovely and clean and smell delicious!!
Lots of Love,