The Mascara Edit

This is a new style of post for my blog. I love doing my top different products but decided to categorize them. Today is the mascara Edit, my top four mascaras. 
- Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam
- W7 Eyelust The Ultimate Mascara
- W7 LashTastic False Liquid Lashes
- Miss Sport Studio Lash Instant Volume  

 I am a massive mascara fan, like seriously a massive fan. I own way to many, but i actually use them all. I find each mascara completely different and use them all on different occasions. But these are my top four i use most of the time.
W7 LashTastic                                                                Miss Sporty Studio Lash
This I use this mascara every single day, its my           I use this daily in conjunction with the W7 one.
staple mascara. I find it gives natural looking lashes    I use this mascara to add instant volume to lash
but with length and volume which is brilliant! I am a   line and it works so well. I just hold the wand
fan of volume lashes and find this mascara is perfect.  on my lash line and lightly twirl it and get
I did a post comparing this mascara and benefits'         instant volume and then i carry the volume on
They're Real. Check it out here .                                    with W7's LashTastic. 

 W7 Eyelust                                                             Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam
Despite the incredibly thick wand this mascara     I got this mascara in a rimmel good bag i got at the
is really natural on the lashes. It is quite a light,    clothes show when i went recently. It is a brilliant
feathery wand and that gives the natural look.       masacara! The want has a slight dip on both sides
I love it, but prefer a more volumised look,           in the centre which gives high volume and curves
but this is great on days where i want really          around your lashes. I really like it a lot, but i find
natural looking lashes.                                            it doesn't separate your lashes very well.

Lots of Love,