Haul #23 - Boots, Accessorise & More

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but haven't got round to it. Here is a haul of a few things i brought about two weeks ago now, im a bit behind blogging at the moment! :)
I brought these two absolutely gorgeous Revlon nail polishes. I really don't need anymore but i saw these two and couldn't resist!
Charismatic is a beautiful peachy,coral colour and i think will be lovely for spring and summer. Radiant is a glitter/shimmer coat that i would wear over a nude or a pastel polish.
In accessorize i brought this beautiful friendship bracelet. I know it says friendship, but im keeping this one to myself! Its a cute little bracelet with a silver/gold elephant on it and that reminds me of my holiday over Christmas time, i love it!
I brought this gorgeous floral skater skirt in internationale. It was in the sale and was only £5 and i want to wear more skirts this summer and i really loved this skirt!
In m&s i brought two vest tops to wear underneath clothes for layering, but i have also brought some blouses recently which require a top underneath and i think these will be perfect! I brought a bluey/grey one and then a black one.
I was nearly running out of my nivea night cream so i went to wilkinsons to repurchase it (because i had a refund voucher to spend) but the night cream was only £1.99 and i had a £4 voucher so i also picked up the day cream which i have wanted for a while also from nivea. I am in the process of changing my skincare routine to all nivea products as i think that will be more beneficial to my skin.
You can find these products on the Wilkinson's website here.
In savers i picked up this macadamia oil extract hair treatment which i am yet to try but this was only £1 so i wanted to try it out. They also had shampoos and conditioners in awesome bottle from the same line also for £1 which i may need to go back and get!
Lots of Love,