Motivational Monday #5

I wanted to write a quick post today all though i really don't feel like it as i am very busy, and not in the right frame of mind to write a post, but i will anyways because its Monday and that means motivation is in order!

Pretty self explanatory really. This is a quote i tell myself a lot. Especially when things have gone wrong, or not how i wanted them turn out. I tell myself everything is going to be ok. I think that's a good habit to get yourself into. Its more positive.
If something in your life isn't going particularly well, tell yourself this. Print it off. Stick it in your room where you can see it every day. Things will be ok, they will work out and things will get better, they always do, think more positively!
Sorry this has been a bit of a short post, but i am so busy and not in the blog posting mood.
Tell yourself this next time your feeling down. The simplest things are the best.
Little quotes like this have helped me a lot recently, that's why i have wanted to write a motivational Monday post. That's the whole point of them,yay!
Lots of Love,