My Week #3

This week started off amazing for me and from the middle of the week to the end it took a downhill. So yes, this week hasn't been particularly amazing for me, but i have still taken the odd photo and put them together here to share with you all today.

  • I have really fallen in love with candles over the winter and now its spring i have been finishing off using some of my winter scented candles. I have been putting the tea lights and the cutest little candle holder from Yankee candle. I have also used an old jam jar too and i had them all on my windowsill while i watched the great British sewing bee, i love it!!
  • On Saturday i took i much needed shopping trip to Tk Maxx to cheer myself up. I brought a few goodies from here and will be sharing them in a large haul sometimes next week.
  • My sister has been fabulous this week and has been there for me and i owe her, she's been fantastic! I have been watching the most hilarious program ever on iPlayer over the last four weeks. It's called Ja'mie: The private school girl. Its a hilarious Australian comedy based on school life but its a spoof so its all exaggerated and is just so so funny! Go and watch it!
  • I went for a lovely walk as well, just to clear my head and think positively and it honestly worked extremely well for me! I now feel so much better and much happier!
Hope you have all had a great week
Lots of Love,