My Week #4

Last week wasn't particularly brilliant for me, i haven't really said why and don't really intend to. But this week i have been a little better, I've kept myself busy and have had a lovely weekend!


  • It has been sunny recently, really sunny and lovely! Today it has been so sunny and warm, and finally it feels like spring is here, and that makes me extremely happy! So this afternoon i have spent in the garden with my sunnies on reading the perks of being a wallflower, which so far i am loving. I have also been reading some magazines i got in the post. I have Tatler subscription which is lovely! This month it came with a teen Tatler which was sponsored by Jack Wills, so i have been looking at the lovely clothes wishing i could own them all,hah!
  • On Monday i had an inset day and i also had a lovely bath! I have taken some photos of the products i used and am hoping to do an updated pamper evening routine very soon, i just need to edit all the photos and then i can write it.
  • Yesterday i re-arranged the furniture in my bedroom. I do this quite a lot, i really like it. I like re-organising things around and tidying up so that's what i did. I am planning to do a room tour soon, i took all the photos last week and was going to post it, but then i moved it round, so its changed, so i will have to re-do it all.
  • Anyways, i have had a much nicer, chilled week and hope you have all too!
Lots of Love,