The Edit -Hair Care Routine #3

I have actually had these photos on my laptop for a while and just haven't written the post, so honestly my routine doesn't change dramatically. But even from this post there are a few extra things added in that i use now but didn't when these photos were taken.

  • The shampoo i use is the Herbal essences smooth and soft and then i use the herbal essences smooth and soft conditioner afterwards. I find these two have really done my hair some greatness,hah! They do leave it feeling very soft and lovely.
  • Once a week, sometimes less than that, i use the garnier Fructis strength and shine shampoo and the sleek and shine conditioner. This is to cleanse/clarify my hair and clean it deeply.
  •  I wash my hair once a week using a hair mask. I love this one from frizz ease, i use this as well as my shampoo and conditioner and i find this works really well too and smells gorgeous!
  • I wash my hair every other day and sometimes on the days inbetween it needs a little extra love. I use this absolute angel of a product. This is the batiste floral and flush dry shampoo. It gives my hair the extra volume and just a quick hair refresh, i love it so much! The packaging is also fabulous!
  •  After a shower i spray the frizz ease daily miracle treatment spray on which is essentially a leave in conditioner. I really like this product and find it does wonders with making my hair look nicer. I then use the dream curls styling spray to give it some extra curl. These products both have heat protection in them so if i use a hair dryer after im all good.

  •  To style my hair on a day to day basis i use these three products mainly. I use the frizz ease perfecting crème which is absolutely amazing and i cannot praise it enough!!! I apply it to my hair and it tames the frizz and makes my hair look so much better.
  • If my hair isn't very curly or soft i use this aussie dual personality serum. This is an oil and you put it on your hair and it makes it so so so so soft!! Its actually amazing!
  • To gloss my hair up and reduce frizz i use this frizz ease glossing mist which is brilliant and makes my hair look fresh and glossy.
Lots of Love,
* All of the products that i said 'frizz ease' in front of come from the John Frieda Frizz Ease collection which as you can tell i love, and is very awesome for curly hair! *