Haul #25- Primark & Boots

I went shopping a few days ago, however this haul is a collective haul from a few occasions. I went to primark and i hadn't been there for ages so i brought many lovely things!

I brought these three frilly socks because they are just gorgeous!! They are only £1.50 and last a while so i brought a baby pink colour, dark blue and a coral colour. I know summers approaching so i may not wear them just yet but the colours were beautiful.

 I've been looking for some little bracelets like these for ages!! These are gorgeous, although there a few im not too keen on, for £2 for 6 it works out at just over 30p for a bracelet and that's crazy cheap!
These non slip hangers are great and these ones were on sale at just £2.50. These do fit in my wardrobe but are very long so be aware of that when purchasing them.

I also brought some shoes because primark shoes are so cheap and great even if they only last for one summer. I brought these little coral bowed flip flops for just £2.50 i much prefer this style rather than the foam flip flops. I picked up these blue pumps too for just £6 i did want the grey ones but they didn't have them in my size but i liked these ones as well.

I went to primark intending to buy some simple but printed tops and i found these two lovely ones. They were just £4 each and i love them both so much the patterns are so gorgeous!!

Lastly, i brought this absolutely gorgeous midi body con dress. I haven't ever worn anything like this before so i will try and work it. I brought this a size bigger than normal and it does stick to you like glue and shows every little curve and bump,hah! This was on sale for £5.

In boots i brought this curl crème which im super excited to try. This claims to reduce flyaways and control and define the curls. It was just £1.69

As an early easter present my mum brought me this gorgeous set of soap and glory items which im super excited to try and review for you all.

Lots of Love,