Room Tour!!

This post has been waiting to appear on my blog for a very long time and i have finally got round to taking the photos and editing them for you all to see.

So this is my bedroom,yay! I like to keep my room tidy and organised because im just like that. My room isn't overly big, but its not small, its just the perfect size for me.

On the walls of my room i have lots of little things. I have a few photo frames and just little things i have had made for me or just things i like to have in my room.

I have my bed in-between my window and my wardrobe.

Next to my chest of draws i have a stand where i have my telly on top of. This is really handy as i can see my telly from wherever i am in my room.

Next to my chest of draws is my beauty draws where i keep most of my beauty products that i use often. Ontop of my chest of draws is my make up collection with a small draw set ontop because i have too much make up i need overspill draws as well!
I then have a small little table where i keep some books and my fake flowers. I also have a small comfy chair which i like to sit on and read and occasionally do homework.
Above this is a small little shelving unit where i keep my perfumes, a few candles, a tin with my cotton pads in and a few other things i use a lot.
Lastly i have my desk which is definitely the most untidiest part of my room but its in a little space under some stairs that are outside my room which lead up to my sisters room. I like having my desk here because its out the way and fits in nicely.
Probalry the most favourite part of my room is my photo wall. I really like this and add to it all the time! I have so many photos on there now of me and my friends, my family and just some lovely ohotos that bring back happy memories. I love having a photo wall in my room and would love to extend it even more but im running out of room,hah!
I hope you've liked this post, maybe got a few ideas.
Lots of Love,