Motivational Monday #6

Motivational Monday is back,yaya! I don't know why but i lacked in posting these recently and i want to start again because this is such an easy post to write, i always have a large collection of quotes to chose from and it boots postitive thinking, so here is the 6th edition of motivational Monday.
I think this is such a beautiful quote and a great one to live by. The more you think about it the more life is like a camera. obviously life isn't a piece of plastic and metal, but it works the same.
Focus on what is important. whether that's school work, family or friends. Focus on the important things that mean something to you, forget the things that worry you and aren't important.
Capture the good times. remember the good times, take pictures, print them out, stick them around the house. Each photo has a different memory and different emotions, so remember the good times and enjoy them as much as you can. Develop from the negatives. I think this is my favourite from the four little quotes inside. Super simple but super effective. When something goes wrong, you learn from it. So each time something doesn't work out, develop from it, take what you've learnt and move on.If things don't work out, take another shot. Try and try again, keep at it and don't stop trying.
I think this is such a beautiful quote and really puts
life into perspective.
Lots of Love,